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Welcome to our tattoo pictures user submitted photo gallery. We are look for the best and baddest tattoos. This area will soon be filled with the submissions we receive from people like YOU! If you have a hot tattoo, let the world know and judge! Please submit your best photos to us. We will be reviewing and collecting these photos and will select the very best tattoos for our photo gallery. We plan to implement an rating system that will allow all our visitors to vote for their favorites. How hot is your ink? Find out!

Our Current Tattoo Galleries:

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Submission Guidelines

Send us your tattoo picture (must be over 18 years of age). You may include an email address and a quote or note that if you would like to be posted with your picture for the world to see. In the email please explicitly give us your permission to post your photo in our photo gallery. If you do not want you photo to be seen by all of our visitors, please do not submit your picture!

How to submit

Easy! Just click here to E-Mail your picture to us at The size and type of the image does not matter. We will resize all of the images to a standard size and format for our gallery. We will begin publishing the photos to this gallery as soon as our total count of photos received reaches 100. If you have multiple images to submit, please do so. Only one image per tattoo will be posted to the gallery, although a person may have multiple images in the gallery..

Coming Soon

We plan to post the tattoo images that are submitted to create a pic gallery. This will be a collection of all of the photos that we receive from our visitors. Soon after the creation of the gallery will allow all of our visitors to vote for their favorite photos. The photos that have the highest rating will be displayed first. The votes will be cumulative and the total number of votes that a photo has received will be displayed next to the image. We are very excited to be adding this new area to our web site. It is because of feedback from visitors like you that we have decided to add this area. Please feel free to continue to send us your comments and suggestions so that we can continue to host the features and information you want! You may use the contact us link at the top of this page to send us your comments at any time... Thanks!

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