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The Ultimate Angel Book - 224 pages, Provides more than six hundred black-and-white engravings of angels of all descriptions in a wide-ranging clip-art book that is ideal for photocopying and computer scanning.
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Religious Vol.I - From Tattoo Art Books. Tattoo Art has built a name for themselves by creating high qualtiy tattoo designs for over a decade. Professional tattoo artists worldwide have used Tattoo Art's wide assortment of designs to satisfy customer needs. The quality and variety of the tattoo designs produced makes them an industry leader. Over 20 pages with 2-3 designs per page.
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Full-Color Angel Vignettes - Customer Review: "The recent 'Full Color Vignettes' series by Dover represents a significant step up in quality from the earlier Dover clip art series [generally done in black and white] The publisher is undoubtedly responding to a progressively more sophisticated market for clip art and craft [decoupage] products. These are copyright free images, printed on one side of a good quality paper designed for decoupage or collage work. Definitely a great deal at the price."

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